This past Wednesday, we held our first coffee brewing class here at 11th and Spruce. Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School is our new series of classes in which we teach YOU how to brew Greenstreet coffee by some less conventional methods. Our first class was “Full Immersion 101” covering French Presses and Vacuum Siphons. It was an overall success.

Jeremy, cafe manager and super barista, led the class, opening up by demonstrating one of our most popular in-house methods, the Siphon brewer. The class attendees got to try two different Greenstreet coffee brewed in Siphon pots. Following the Siphons, we jumped into French presses, which was a little more hands-on. With five french press pots, we gave everyone the option of coming up and being the barista, brewing a fresh pot for everyone to try, totaling five different Greenstreet coffees.

Everyone got to try our popular coffees side by side and enjoy some fresh baked goods. Some even went home with a bag or two of their favorite Greenstreet coffee beans. We’re sending a big thanks to everyone who came out to brew school! Everyone had a great time and left well-caffeinated.

Sorry you missed out on the fun? Our next brew class will be Wednesday, May 7th at 6pm and we’ll be learning all about cold brew and Chemex! This time we’ll get to hold the class outside and enjoy the warm weather and coffee simultaneously (weather permitting). Hope to see you there!


Top: Jeremy demonstrates brewing coffee with the Vacuum Siphon Pot.

Bottom left: Brew school attendee, Liz, gets her hands on French press to brew up a fresh pot for everyone to sample.

Bottom right: Jeremy explains the importance of pouring water to the correct level to allow the coffee to bloom.

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Care for a free drink? We thought so.

Follow us on Instagram @greenstreetcoffee and tag pics of you having fun at our cafe or brewing Greenstreet coffee at home with #MyGreenstreet for a chance to win a free espresso drink. Get creative and share your personal Greenstreet experience with us! 

One winner will be announced every Friday via Instagram. You must be following us on Instagram to be eligible.


So we’re trying something new here at Greenstreet Coffee Co. and we want you to join in. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty of home brewing with our beloved customers and its called Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School.

Beginning this month, we’re offering brew classes where you can come in, sample several of our most popular coffees, and learn multiple ways to brew up the perfect cup of coffee in a friendly, hands-on environment.

Join us for our first class?

What: Full Immersion Brewing 101!

When: Wednesday April 16th and 6pm

Where: Greenstreet Coffee Co. (11th and Spruce)

Learn which Greenstreet coffee is your favorite, which brew method is right for you to bring home, and become a coffee connoisseur in the process! Our first class will be all about full immersion brewers. We’ll be working with French Press Pots and the Vacuum Siphon. Just come on in and 6 and join the fun.

See you April 16th!


Last Saturday night, Greenstreet ventured out to Relay for Life at Jefferson University. Since Relay is an overnight event, we showed up later in the evening to keep the participants well caffeinated. A portion of all proceeds we raised during the event were donated to the American Cancer Society.

At Greenstreet, we’re not just about coffee. We believe in social responsibility and giving back to the people who make all we do possible. Thank you, Relay for Life, for having us. We had a great time!

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A man came into the cafe the other day asking for our darkest, boldest coffee hand brewed. This is a request we get a lot over here at Greenstreet Coffee Co., so we decided to share our thoughts on this with you.

What we love about the diversity of coffee is that there’s a roast for every personality. We told our friend about the Lupara, which is our espresso roast, which could have been right up his alley. But when we mentioned that the Papa New Guinea, Waghi Bob was lowest in acidity of all our coffees, this really peaked his interest.

As far as brew method, since he wanted a hand brewed cup, we thought the Hermiston Pot suited his needs. A Hermiston Pot looks similar to a Chemex, but uses a metal mesh filter as opposed to paper filters. Paper filters absorb more of the oils in the coffee, but what you gain in clarity, you lose in body. Since more compounds are able to pass through the Hermiston’s mesh filter, this allows the big body to shine.

After all was said and done, our friend said that it was the best cup of coffee he had ever had. All in a day’s work.

Think the Hermiston Pot might be for you? We have them available for purchase at 11th and Spruce for $39. You’ll never have to purchase filters again.

Oh yeah, customer just back from Miami so Cortado it is this AM
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Dialing that cold brew in, hopefully the sun will be here to go with it!
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Things are blooming around, ie Papua New Guinea, Waghi Bob
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